A Message from the Board Chair

Dr John Swaffield, MBE:

If you are reading this and thinking about joining a Multi-Academy Trust, but don’t want to lose control, then read on…………

Sceptical about joining a MAT?  Loss of Identity, loss of financial control, loss of educational independence, loss of freedom to determine one’s own future, a fear of being swallowed up!

The Kaleidoscope Learning Trust, KLT, [a MAT we’ve called a Learning Trust] has been specifically structured to counter these off-putting aspects.  A MAT, where schools are truly partner providers, not a disenfranchised member, and where:

  • Your SLT and Board retain full control over the educational policies,processes and approaches you have in place, so long as you are financially sound and retain an Ofsted grading of ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’;
  • Any financial surpluses accrued prior to joining are ring fenced for future use by your local governing body;
  • Providing you are financially viable and have an Ofsted judgement of ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’, you have full control over the formulation and spending of your annual budget;
  • The Chair of your local governing body has automatic membership of the KLT Board as a trustee/director and your Head automatic membership of the KLT SLT;
  • All partner providers have access to at least one ‘Outstanding’ partner provider, for benchmarking purposes, should they wish.

There’s much more we can tell you! We are especially looking for other high calibre schools with a ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted judgement to join us as partner providers in this innovative enterprise. We would be pleased to come and talk to you, with no obligation, no pressure.  Just to share with you what we believe to be a true Win Win approach to a multi-academy trust.

I hope you have enjoyed browsing our site. To arrange a meeting or simply to chat over the ‘phone please contact me at jsw@theklt.com